Buy Now software is offered with a one-time fee, no recurring payments. We do not limit template use once downloaded, users can fill, print, and save templates as needed. software is available in 2 different options.


“Pre-filled form” will only print the data that is entered, not the entire form, this will print on the standard HCFA claim form.


The “Print on blank paper” template is programmed to print the entire form, this will print on blank paper (using a color printer) and does not require the HCFA paper form (both sides must be printed). 



1500cms 02/12 Template $29 (Print on Pre-filled Forms)



1500cms 02/12 Template $29 (Print on Blank Paper)



One-time fee for your office, no recurring payments. template enables users to fill, print, edit and save HCFA 1500 forms as needed.

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and get access to both templates!

1500cms 02/12 Template $46
(Print on Pre-filled Forms)
 & (Print on Blank Paper)

 02/12 Template (On USB Flash Drive) $60.00


Need HCFA 1500 forms shipped to your door?

$19 / 250 sheets + shipping